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The great difficulty here is that there isn't one!


- Freedom BEING closer than you THINK -

Freedom BEING closer than you think


"You are who and what you believe you are for as long as you choose to believe it!

The question is, does your present belief benefit you?"

From early childhood and from social and family conditioning, we develop our attitudes to life and how we perceive the world (nurturing, dangerous, limited etc). As we go through life and draw on the so called 'wisdom of society' these develop into belief systems which help sustain us through what we often perceive as a hostile society.

These conditioned belief systems or (expectations) have far-reaching consequences. They affect all aspects of our being and are quite destructive, from behavior to body posture through to our health. When rigidity is present in the mind and in the body you can only react to life. As we grow up, these perceptions of the world then become the creed we live by and our posture both mental and physical solidifies these beliefs. Our 'comfort zone' in life has been established. By simply asking ourselves "how is this belief beneficial to myself and others?" we soon realise the destructiveness and limitation of having a rigid mindset. We no longer Respond to life but instead React.

Insight is designed to assist us in overcoming the limitations place upon us by living Reactively.

Why are you unhappy?

Because 99.9 per cent of everything you think,
and of everything you do, is for yourself .

And there isn't one.

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