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When people hear the term Ego they sometimes mistakenly think that it refers to someone who is selfish or perhaps self absorbed or full of themselves. The Ego or self however is really that part of our minds (or thinking process) that identifies itself with action i.e. I am a good parent, I am intelligent etc.

It provides us with our persona and character and is formed from labels and actions that we have accumulated over time and we identify with these actions as being personal. For example the type of programming a child receives particularly in the first 4 years e.g. a nurturing caring environment will greatly determine most of its attitudes about self. Simply put Ego is made up of internal beliefs about self - who you think you are.

"I am that by which I know 'I am'."

Nisagadata Maharaj

"Belief systems are mechanisms of defence that provide us with patterns that designate our comfort zone, and are only an interpretation of life, but never a clear insight into it"

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