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Hardwired for Sabotage

Imagine yourself now as a control panel, all lit up, and upon that panel every belief system you have is represented by a button. Every time one of your belief systems is challenged a button is activated and...you react... "you made me feel", "it's all their fault" etc.

We allow our buttons to be pushed and become victims of our buttons.

Buttons - Hardwired for Sabotage

It would seem that the people who can push our buttons easier than others are those people that know us quite well and whom we love, and who love us i.e. our partner, our children, our parents etc. Our relationship with these people is often forgotten and we often see them as antagonists as we experience a range of emotions. It is only when we have diffused (removed the belief system) that we can begin to truly appreciate the purpose of such people in our lives.

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