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There are five basic emotions, which resonate with our body energies at a very deep level. In moderation these emotions act as motivational energies that stimulate organs and keep them and us healthy.


Anger relates to the wood element that includes the organs of the liver and gall bladder, the muscular system and the immune system.

When anger is in a state that is harmful to the body, it can weaken and break down the immune system and we have difficulty fighting off disease particularly viruses.

Anger was used in past times as a motivating force as a means for survival i.e. in battle or as a motivating force when hunting, whereas today it usually expresses itself in work and life stresses. It is rarely an emotion / energy that is used creatively and almost always manifests destructively

Long term suppressed anger can also lead to the formation of gallstones (condensed anger) and migraine headaches. The liver is also associated with our ability to plan and make decisions. As a result if a person is in a state of chronic anger his / her decision making abilities are diminished. We are ‘livered’ and cannot think straight. Generally a loss in quality of life occurs as we are attracted to violent situations as a way of releasing this emotion.


Fear is the emotion of the water element and has specific relation to the kidney and bladder organs, the central nervous system, reproductive system, and endocrine system. Fear is a necessary emotion as it provides the ‘fight’ or flight’ response necessary for survival however living in a acute or chronic fear can have serious effects and far reaching ramifications in many areas of the body.

A typical state of chronic fear is a perpetual reaction to the world around us and feelings of being overwhelmed and our inability to cope. This includes concepts such as fear of coping with our relationship, health, our job or our financial situation. These reactions often become imploding and internal creating ‘time bombs’ which build up over time. We produce a mask (keeping up a front) for the world to see while inside the inner fear of handling difficult situations is damaging our nervous system. We literally scare ourselves to death!


Worry effects the earth element that relates specifically to the stomach, spleen & pancreas. The effect particularly when reacting with intense worry to the stomach is one of acidity and ulcers. We are unable to digest and process life’s situations. Also the pancreas cannot produce the required amounts of enzymes that enable proper digestion of food. This in turn can lead to sugar handling disorders as regulation of levels is irregular.


Grief relates to the air / metal element that specifically effects the lungs and large intestine. Imploding grief i.e. grief that is not expressed in a healthy manner, will often manifest itself as fluid on the lungs and can lead to chronic or acute lung disorders which impair our breathing. This in turn has a ‘knock on’ effect as it is our ability to breath properly which determines our overall health, (see Self-link for further information about breathing)


Joy is the energy of the five elements that effects the heart, circulatory system and small intestine. Joy has a positive effect on the overall SadnessBody / Mind but when it is absent it manifest as sadness.

This Sadness is ‘heartache’ or depression, as opposed to grief (that is grieving over something specific). Chronic sadness effects the heart, arteries and veins and can impair the absorption of food and emotions through the small intestine.



Both of these emotions are combinations of the 5 basic emotions:

Guilt is a combination of anger with fear or worry.
Jealousy is anger and fear and is often fueled by very low self-esteem.

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