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About Insight

‘Freedom is a state of Mind'

What is Insight?

Insight is an evening workshop which shows people how to recognise their detrimental and destructive belief systems and provides them with a technique which allows them to diffuse and remove them.

How does it work exactly?

It does this by revealing the Root Cause of our inability to live life Responding rather than Reacting and is designed to assist us in overcoming the limitations place upon us by living Reactively. Insight is not a process of analysis, but rather a system following a logical sequence leading to simple deduction. This is accomplished by way of the Seven Steps process.

What is the 7 Steps Process?

The purpose of the 7 Steps is to take you to the underlying or root cause of your reactions (coping tools). It does this by first exposing your obvious, acknowledged attitudes / masks. From this starting point, the 7 Steps then trace backwards to the underlying beliefs / masks that gave rise to your presently held beliefs.

What happens then?

Once someone realises why they have a certain held belief about something and the ramifications that the belief is having on their life i.e. their relationships, career, health and overall quality of life, they go through what is known as a 'shift' in their awareness. This 'shift' has a freeing effect on the self. They realise at a rather deep and fundamental level that what they perceived as being true is in fact just a conditioned reaction they use to protect themselves and gain control in a situation.

What is the difference between Responding & Reacting?

To live Reactively is to live defensively. Our defenses are the beliefs (by way of our conditioning) we use when we have to confront what we deem as unacceptable situations. In other words to React to something is a way of coping. It describes repetition of action or Re-action. We therefore relive the same patterns (which bring the same results) time and time again. Why? Because it enables us to control the outcome to a certain extent.

On the other hand to live Responsively is to live spontaneously. We are only able to Respond to situations when we have no vested interest in the outcome. To achieve this you first need to have a clear sense of self. To know yourself you need to understand that you are not your actions and you are not your beliefs.

What is taught during the Insight workshop?

Topics covered during the course include:

  • The 7 step process and how to apply it to gain Insight.
  • The difference between Reacting & Responding
  • Blame consciousness
  • Victim Consciousness
  • Buttons and Masks
  • Actions & Emotions

Are there any notes to take?

No, there is no note taking required. Insight is a very practical workshop with the focus being on using the technique. All participants receive a Handout which contains everything you need to use the 7 step process on your self and others.

Can you use Insight on other people so they can better understand themselves?

Absolutely. In fact Insight is sometimes more effective if you have more than one person participating as this can provide more of a 'shift' for the person who is gaining Insight. This is because it can sometime be difficult to admit to ourselves that the way we have been behaving ( as a result of having a certain belief ) is unacceptable.

Why is it important to realise that our beliefs limit us so much?

To answer that we have to look at what the word 'Spiritual' means. As we evolve as human beings we are compelled to look beyond ourselves and to break new ground. The various Wisdom Traditions tell us that to do this we have to start to disengage from the Ego, it's effects and constraints. It is only by transcending the Ego that we can realise who we really are thereby our true Selves.

The various subjects taught and practiced through 'Cool Boredom' Life Sciences enable us to start that process or journey. They are founded on the principle that we all united in a common source which is orchestrated through the Heart centre (sometimes referred to as Self or Mind) and governs every aspect of our lives. This source provide us with a fundamental knowing of 'how things should be' and allows us to live unobstructed and in a unconditional joyful manner without the chatter of the mind and the destructive habits of the ego.

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