`Cool Boredom' Life Sciences
The great difficulty here is that there isn't one!

Located in Queenstown, New Zealand, Cool Boredom Life Sciences was established by Reiki Master Dave Pollock and founded on the principle that we are all united in a common source which is orchestrated through the Heart centre (sometimes referred to as Self or Mind) and governs every aspect of our lives. This source provides us with a fundamental knowing of 'how things should be' and allows us to live unobstructed and in an unconditional joyful manner without the chatter of the mind and the destructive habits of the ego.

It is suggested that our link to this source has become weakened and diminished at least, broken and ruptured at worst. This fracturing is then ingrained not only in our physical makeup but also our emotional, mental and spiritual selves. The aim of the various techniques and healing protocols taught is to provide us with tools which when applied help to re-establish and strengthen our link to this source. This in turn enables us to nourish our growth and development and improves our health and acceptance of life.

The fundamental thread running through all these courses is one of simplicity, effectiveness and ease of use. The various subjects taught and practised are complimentary, simple to learn and are aimed for people to integrate into their lifestyles comfortably on any level. They are drawn from both personal experience together with the theories and philosophies of some of the great teachers, sages and philosophers of our time, including Ramana Maharshi, Nissagadata Maharaj, Carl Jung & Ken Wilber to name but a few. As such they are a reflection of one's true Self, therefore they are a skilful means for leading one back to who one really is.

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Reiki - Energy for Life.
A safe Natural hands on therapy that promotes Healing on all levels, Matter, Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit. Showing you how you can benefit from this unique self-help tool to treat both yourself and others. Wisdom through Simplicity at its best.

Mind-Shift - Are you in your right mind?
Learn how to access the Alpha state in your Right Brain to develop and enhance Creativity, Imagination, Health & Mind power, by disengaging from the Beta state and lessening the detrimental effects of the ego.

Self-link - Knowing things by Heart.
Allowing the wisdom of the Self to heal the self by utilising the mechanism of the Breath Cycle to instigate communication and harmony throughout the Body / Mind by connecting the various systems to the Heart energy.

Insight - Freedom BEING closer than you THINK.
You are who and what you believe you are for as long as you choose to believe it! The question is, does your present belief benefit you? Insight reveals the Root Cause of our inability to live life Responding rather than Reacting.

Sleepwalker - First thought, Best thought.
Enabling the extaordinary to to become ordinary and the ordinary appear extraordinary. The trick 'Being' to focus attention on the present moment and to discover what was never missing.

Anyone can benefit from these techniques. They are simple to learn and apply and more importantly they are practical and can be used in everyday life regardless of where one finds oneself.

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