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Frequently Asked Questions About

What is Mind-Shift?

Mind-Shift is a unique seminar taught over 2 evenings which explores the potential of the `Right Brain' and teaches people how to access it.

Can anyone do Mind-Shift?

Yes, absolutely. That's the beauty of Mind-Shift. Anyone regardless of their background can learn Mind-Shift and start using it immediately.

How will it benefit me?

Any task that you now do in your Left Brain can be done in your Right Brain with a lot less effort and considerably more speed. Once learned there are literally an infinite number of ways Mind-Shift can be used to enhance any activity undertaken in everyday life.

How does it work?

Participants are shown how to harness and then utilize their Right Brain by accessing what is known as Alphamind.

By what means?

Put simply there are four states of brain activity:

BETA - wide awake
THETA - light sleep
DELTA - deep sleep
ALPHA - creative, intuitive, knowing

Participants are shown how to access ALPHA by building an interactive Workshop in their Right Brain by using LeftBrain concepts.

How simple is Mind-Shift to learn? Is it safe?

Mind-Shift is incredibly simple to learn and ‘FUN’. And yes it is 100% safe. Because Mind-Shift does not put you into a trance state you are always in control of when and if you want to use it.

Is it like hypnotisation?

No, nor is it a trance state. Anything you can do while you are awake (Beta) you can do while in Alpha.

How will I know if it's working?

You will notice the effect of the techniques taught almost immediately. Also the techniques themselves do not work without access to Alpha. In other words ALPHA provides you with the ability todo tasks that normally are not possible.

Will it effect my meditation?

No not in a negative way. Studies have shown that accessing Alpha over a period of time enhances meditation and the effects that meditation provides.

Do I have to practice the technique?

No you do not have to practice anything, simply use the technique and the results will be forthcoming.

Who uses it?

People from all walks of life, athletes, business folk, students, artists, basically anyone! The techniques taught can be utilized to improve all areas of life.

Isn't it just like visualization?

No. Although visualisation is a mechanism used in Mind-Shift it is an interactive visualisation relationship between you and your subconscious mind which over time will change as you develop and grow.

While most visualisation techniques do work, results can take some time in appearing. Mind-Shift employs a sophisticated yet simple mechanism that brings the cutting edge to integrating Matter, Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit.

Do I have to take notes?

No. Mind-Shift is a very practical seminar. Participants will receive a short handout which provides simple reminders about the many uses that this technique can be used for. During the seminar you will learn the technique and start utilizing it there and then.

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