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The great difficulty here is that there isn't one!

Techniques of Mind-Shift

The Trigger
Creating a Mental Workshop

In this seminar you will learn how to create your own private workshop in your mind, which then provides you with access to the Right side or creative part of your brain. The key to unlocking our right brain and re-establishing our true identity is our imagination. Our imagination is without doubt the most important and powerful personal transformer we have. It provides a link between our unconscious mind and our True Identity. This is because on a very deep level we think in pictures. By using pictures (structure) you are dealing with images which are a reflection of the deepest qualities within oneself. Mind-Shift provides a way that can reach very deep levels of mind which cannot be accessed through verbal means or mere analysis,namely intuitive knowing of how things should BE via the Right Brain.



Similar techniques have been used by Mystics,Sages and leading figures such as Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Nikola Tesla, Pablo Picasso, Bjorn Borg, Jahangir Khan, Carl Jung and many other of the worlds top academics, artists and sports people.


Remember Mind-Shift is not about getting you to think positive thoughts etc. But rather providing you with a formula which enables you to gain access to the most powerful personal transformer you posess Your RIGHT BRAIN operating in Alphamind!

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