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Why Reiki is the Ultimate in
Natural Healing

  1. Anyone can do Reiki.
  2. Switches on automatically.
  3. Sensation felt in the hands when using Reiki, usually a heat or tingling feeling.
  4. Flows according to demand or problem.
  5. Reiki is not a belief system, religion or cult but purely an energy science.
  6. Reiki does not run out.
  7. Reiki is the same in both hands.
  8. Reiki flow and results are not affected by the health of the practitioner.
  9. Reiki works on plants and animals and even food.
  10. One can treat oneself with Reiki.
  11. Reiki always treats at the root cause level of Disease or Disharmony.
  12. Reiki is complimentary to all other healing systems including meditation.
  13. There are no harmful side effects from Reiki, it is 100% safe.
  14. Improves overall Quality of Life.

    Introduction to Reiki
    Benefits of Reiki
    Levels of Reiki
    Frequently Asked Questions about Reiki

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