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The great difficulty here is that there isn't one!


First Degree

During the workshop each participant is individually given four "Attunements" to the Reiki Energy by the Reiki Master.

NB. This is the only way you can receive Reiki for life.

Natural healing through your hands



Nobody has Reiki naturally and you do not have Reiki if you have only received a Reiki ‘treatment’ from someone. During the Attunement the Reiki Master activates and "Fine Tunes" your energy blueprint thereby empowering it with the Reiki energy for life.


Topics covered during the workshop include:

  • Reiki and how it works
  • Energy and matter
  • How to treat yourself and others
  • The history of Reiki
  • Causes of disease
  • Bioenegetics (what the body is telling us both internally and externally)
  • How to treat food, plants and animals and the many other uses of Reiki in your daily life.
  • Extensive practical training is also given.

Training in first degree usually takes place over two evenings.

Second Degree
Third Degree

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