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Second Degree

Building on what was learnt in First Degree the second level of Reiki increases the strength of the Practitioner's Reiki and primarily involves learning three of the Energy Patterns (symbols) which are used in advanced Reiki.

Reiki patterns
This level of Reiki is of particular importance to professional practitioners as it enables the treatment of many people at one time and greatly potentizes many other healing and therapeutic techniques. The principles on how and why this works and many different ways of doing it are explained during the course.

Once the techniques are understood, putting them into practice is simple and effortless.

These symbols can be used as "tools" to perform many tasks including:

  • Sending Reiki to treat people at a distance
  • Developing and enhancing intuition, creativity and decision making
  • Providing protection to both yourself and others
  • Accelerating personal growth
  • Increasing awareness
  • Clearing emotional blocks, fears and negativity from the Body / Mind
  • Potentizing other energy fields

The seminar takes place over three evenings.

First Degree
Third Degree

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