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The great difficulty here is that there isn't one!


‘Knowing how to Know ’


Self-link is a simple yet extremely effective treatment system which allows the Wisdom and Knowing possessed within each of us to instigate and facilitate Healing on all levels of Being. Self-link is founded on the principle that we are all united in a common source which is orchestrated through the Heart centre ( which is sometimes referred to as Mind or Self ) and governs every aspect of our lives. This source provides us with a fundamental knowing of 'how things should be' and allows us to live un-obstructed and in a unconditional joyful manner without the chatter of the mind and the destructive habits of the ego.

It is suggested that our link to this source has become weakened and diminished at least, broken and ruptured at worst. This fracturing is then ingrained not only in our physical makeup but also our emotional, mental and spiritual selves. As this process takes hold the various energy fields within the body become distorted and the resonance we once had with the Self (or source) is no longer there. It is truly unfortunate that for many of us our ability to allow this innate ‘knowing’ of how things should be has been impaired and allowed to deteriorate to such an extent. For some this process has been ongoing for years and gradually over time a loss in quality of life has occurred, sometimes without realising it. As our distrust in life has solidified so to has our ability to Heal ourselves diminished.


It is important to remember that any deterioration that manifests within the Body / Mind appears to start as a result of weakened Heart energy (and more importantly what that energy represents). As this process takes hold the various energy fields within the body become distorted and the resonance we once had with the Mind (or source) is no longer there.


The aim of Self-link is to provide us with a tool which when applied helps to re-establish and strengthen our link to this source. This is done by utilising the breath cycle which contains nutritive subtle energy which is vital for carrying information throughout the Body / Mind. Starting at the most subtle energy levels (that of the chakras & nadis), Self-link enables you to reinstate the connection with this source of awareness. This in turn enables us to nourish our growth and development and improves our health and acceptance of life. Self-link is unique as it allows YOU to re-establish these lines of communication and resonance by going back to the very source of ‘Knowing’ at a time that is convenient to you.

Self-link offers something unique among therapies and pathways. It provides us a potential axis in the wheel of life... a point of reference that, always constant, can ultimately can lead us back to Self.

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