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Prana & the Radar screen of Life

In India the energy that is drawn from the breath is known as Prana or Life Force and is widely regarded as the single most important factor in determining ones state of health. It comes as no surprise to hear that in Yoga the saying "Perfect Breath = Perfect Health" is used quite often, Here's why:

The in - Breath allows scanning of higher frequency energy i.e. emotional, mental & spiritual.

The out - Breath allows scanning for lower frequency energy i.e. mainly that of the physical body (skin, bone, muscle etc)

The Importance of the Breath Cycle

The Breath CycleWe all know that one of the most important tasks carried out by the body is that of Breathing. Two important things occur when we breath:

  1. Oxygen is pumped around the Body / Mind as well as energy patterns fed from the Heart centre which carry formation to every cell within the body.

  2. This in turn acts as a radar screen for the brain to detect any problems or irregularities and where possible alert the body to a problem and start to rectify it.

It therefore stands to reason that if we breath incorrectly or ‘half heartedly’ as the case may be this scanning cannot take place effectively and problems are not detected and addressed.

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